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From: Saturday, 01. June 2019   through: Thursday, 06. June 2019

Event Date: Saturday, 23. February 2019

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Event Date: Saturday, 03. November 2018

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From: Friday, 10. July 2015   through: Sunday, 12. July 2015

From: Saturday, 01. November 2014   through: Sunday, 02. November 2014

15th Anniversary of RFAD

From: Friday, 20. September 2013   through: Sunday, 22. September 2013

In 1998, more than 100 alumni of the Rotary Foundation established the German Rotary foundation Alumni Association RFAD. Thus, in 2013 RFAD is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The celebration will take place in Berlin on the Weekend of September 20/21, 2013. Save the date!
Flyer for the RFAD Anniversary 2013 Here you may download the invitation flyer for the 15th anniversary celebration of RFAD - the registration form for the celebration is available for download Detail »

Outbound Orientation 2013

From: Friday, 12. April 2013   through: Sunday, 14. April 2013

From 12 to 14 April 2013 are - as every year - the newly chosen Rotary Scholars from all over Germany in Münster and to learn more about their upcoming study abroad, get connected with each other and to learn the Rotary Foundation alumni to know you better. Returned Scholars meet to take this opportunity again to each other and share their experiences with the new fellows.

Inbound Weekend 2012

From: Saturday, 20. October 2012   through: Sunday, 21. October 2012

Liebe Stipendiatinnen, liebe Stipendiaten der Rotary Foundation,

wir freuen uns, Euch zum 5. Orientierungsseminar der Rotary Foundation Alumni Deutschland am 20.-21. Oktober 2012 in Frankfurt am Main einladen zu dürfen!

In mittlerweile guter Tradition möchten wir auch in diesem Jahr wieder in Frankfurt/Main den gerade in Deutschland angekommenen Stipendiaten der Rotary Foundation den Start in das Jahr als „Ambassadorial Scholar“ erleichtern.

Im Vordergrund stehen das gegenseitige Sich-Kennenlernen und der Erfahrungsaustausch mit ehemaligen Rotary-Stipendiaten. Doch nicht nur das, es ist uns darüber hinaus ein besonderes Anliegen, den freundschaftlichen Kontakt zu den Rotary Clubs zu pflegen.

Wir laden Sie, liebe Stipendiaten, Alumni und Rotarier, sehr herzlich ein, mit uns gem ...Detail »

103. RI World Convention 2012

From: Sunday, 06. May 2012   through: Wednesday, 09. May 2012

Every alumnus of The Rotary Foundation is entitled to attend the annual Rotary International Conventions. The 2012 RI Convention, which is the 103rnd convention, will take place in Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to that event on the 4h and 5th of May 2012 there will be an Alumni Celebration as part of a Rotary Reunion. The German TRF-alumni intend to participate with a considerable amount of people again in 2011. Further information about the reunion and the interest group alumni celebrations can be found here.

General Assembly

From: Saturday, 24. March 2012   through: Saturday, 24. March 2012

The general assembly of the RFAD will be held on february 12th 2011 at 17.00 in Hamburg. Further information will follow.

Outbound Orientation 2012

From: Friday, 23. March 2012   through: Sunday, 25. March 2012

The outgoing group of Rotary scholars in the forthcoming year of 2012/2013 got together in Münster, Germany over the second last weekend of March in order to prepare for their stay abroad. The Scholars, sponsored by German Rotary clubs for the most part, are participants of the Ambassadorial Scholarship programme which is organised for the last time this year in its current format, before scholarship programmes will be restructured. 24 young people from all over Germany and beyond assembled with a view to prepare for the ambitious role of an ‘Ambassador of good will’, which we will fulfil whilst pursuing studies at our respective universities. The organ ...Detail »

2nd Rotary Foundation Alumni Celebration

From: Saturday, 28. January 2012   through: Sunday, 29. January 2012

Liebe Alumnae und Alumni, sehr geehrte Rotarierinnen und Rotarier,

im Namen des RFAD-Vorstands möchte ich Sie herzlich zur 2. Alumni Celebration nach Berlin einladen!

Am 28. Januar 2012 ist es soweit: Wie schon bei der diesjährigen Veranstaltung in Hamburg erwartet Sie ein spannendes und inspirierendes Programm. Um zu zeigen, wie es nach dem Auslandsaufenthalt mit Rotary weitergeht, haben wir das Returnee-Seminar, bei dem frisch aus dem Ausland zurückgekehrte StipendiatInnen das Wort haben um Vorträge von besonders interessanten ehemaligen Ambassadorial Scholars und GSE-Teilnehmern, die bereits fest im Berufsleben etabliert sind, ergänzt.

Für die Keynote konnten wir mit Professor Richard SchröderDetail »

Inbound Weekend 2011

From: Saturday, 15. October 2011   through: Sunday, 16. October 2011

Specialties from Frankfurt and how to say “no” properly – Inbound Scholars get ready for Germany


What do Japanese, South Koreans, Serbs, Ukrainians, and Germans have in common? They all need to eat at some point! Especially after having had such a long and eventful day in Frankfurt/Main, the largest financial center in continental Europe.

On October 15th, those scholars of The Rotary Foundation who are currently conducting their studies in Germany met with alumni representatives of the districts as well as with members of the Rotary Foundation Alumni Deutschlan ...Detail »

102. World Convention and 4. Alumni Celebration

From: Saturday, 21. May 2011   through: Wednesday, 25. May 2011

This year again Yukari Kurita, Gabriela Bracklo and RFAD President Henning Blaufuß took part in the RI World Convention.

TRF Alumnus and RI WP Ray Klinginsmith inspired the auditorium in the opening session of the RI Convention 2011, and Bill
Gates, Founder of Microsoft and great supporter of the Polio Eradication Initiative explained why polio eradication is his foundation's top priority.

The trustee of the Rotary Foundation Banerjee outlined the emphases for the year. Other topics of this inspiring event were the Gen ...Detail »

Outbound Orientation 2011

From: Friday, 08. April 2011   through: Sunday, 10. April 2011

23rd of July 2011
Sent abroad with a common sentiment - The class of 2011/2012

Stipendiaten beim Kartenspiel Fully confident of having won the first round of the card game Dominic Hörauf writes down his point. He is one of the 32 scholars at the tenth orientation seminar of the Rotary Foundation Alumni Deutschland. His teammates who are future "Ambassadors of Goodwill" too do not agree: they cancel his point. What will happen now? It is forbidden to talk at the table. But using hand waving the problem is solved quickly. Dominic who had won the game at the next table and therefore had to change i ...Detail »

Reconnect 2011

From: Saturday, 12. February 2011   through: Sunday, 13. February 2011

There is no vision of the future without looking back into the past
Ambassadorial Scholars meet after returning home for the 1st Returnee-Celebration to speak about the past and to discuss their future with Alumni.

Alumni Celebration of the RFAD in Hamburg Demian von Osten, Cultural Ambassadorial Scholar to Amman, the Jordan, knows "You get to know the country and the people best if you are talking to the taxi driver." But this is not the end when scholars of The Rotary Foundation go abroad. After a ...Detail »

Inbound Weekend 2010

From: Saturday, 16. October 2010   through: Sunday, 17. October 2010

Inbound-seminar Frankfurt 2010 Dear Scholars and alumni of The Rotary Foundation, dear Rotarians,

we are pleased to invite you to the seminar for the inbound scholars of The Rotary Foundation 2010/2011 in Frankfurt.

The scholarship programme is one of the supporting pillars of The Rotary Foundation and Rotary itself. Students get the opportunity to get to know a foreign country, its people and culture as Ambassadors of Goodwill. Every year Germany sends out about 30 scholars all over the world. At the same time a number of scholars decides to study in Germany. Organising a get-together of all foreign students of the class of 2010/2011 we wa ...Detail »

101. World Convention and 3. Alumni Celebration

From: Saturday, 19. June 2010   through: Wednesday, 23. June 2010

2010 Rotary International ConventionAlumni CelebrationDecember 2009

Dear Rotary Foundation Alumni:

Rotary wants to reconnect with one of its most valuable assets - you!

The Rotary Foundation has produced more than 111,000 alumni since 1947 and the number is continuing to grow. In 2010, The Rotary Foundat ...Detail »

Outbound Orientation 2010

From: Friday, 16. April 2010   through: Sunday, 18. April 2010

Once more the outgoing seminar for scholars 2010 took place in Münster, Westfalia.

For some participants the journey proofed to be particularly difficult. President Hanna Schubert probably landed on the last flight to Frankfurt coming from New York before the whole German sky was closed. Others found themselves in an old fashioned railway carriage of the German train supplier to Münster instead of a modern Airbus, which was at times still more comfortable than driving on the overcrowded German "Autobahn"-roads. Luckily only a few people had no chance to get to Münster due to the ash clou ...Detail »

Inbound Weekend 2009

From: Saturday, 10. October 2009   through: Sunday, 11. October 2009

Dear Ambassadorial Scholars,

The RFAD (Rotary Foundation Alumni Deutschland/Germany) has organized an “inbound weekend” for all incoming scholars in Germany All those of you, who are going to study in Germany, are invited to spend the weekend in Frankfurt. Our goal is to give you a chance to get to know each other and to receive helpful and crucial information for your year as an “ambassador of good will”.

Date: Saturday (10.-11. October 2009) in Frankfurt.

Rotary would like you to join us on this date, so please make sure to put the date on your agenda.


Your RFAD Team ...Detail »

100. World Convention and 2. Alumni Celebration

From: Sunday, 21. June 2009   through: Wednesday, 24. June 2009

And again this year's visit to the Alumni Celebration as well as the RIWC was a very special experience for the German Alumni. Who else has the chance to meet Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Mia Farrow or Jane Goodall? Many reports are available on t ...Detail »

Outbound Orientation 2009

From: Friday, 13. March 2009   through: Sunday, 15. March 2009

10th Anniversary of RFAD

From: Friday, 24. October 2008   through: Sunday, 26. October 2008

Reports on the 10th anniversary in the Mai 2009 issue of Reconnections you will find here in six languages.

Our Anniversary Celebration

Altogether 130 participants, most of them TRF-alumni, mostly Ambassadorial Scholars and GSE-group members, but also volunteers came to celebrate the 10-th anniversary o ...Detail »

From: Saturday, 27. September 2008   through: Sunday, 28. September 2008

Alumni Celebration 2008

From: Friday, 13. June 2008   through: Saturday, 14. June 2008

Thank You RotaryPosiumsdiskussion

Erstmalig fand im Jahr 2008 ein Treffen der TRF-Alumni als offizieller Preconvention Event zur Weltkonferenz von Rotary International statt.

Am 13. und 14. Juni 2008 fanden sich über 400 ehemalige Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten zur Rotary Alumni Celebration in Los Angeles ein. Aus allen Teilen der Welt waren sie gekommen, um sich über ihre Erfahrungen und Erlebnisse und das, was aus ihnen geworden ist, auszutauschen ...Detail »

Outbound Orientation 2008

From: Friday, 11. April 2008   through: Sunday, 13. April 2008

Outbound Orientation 2007

From: Friday, 23. March 2007   through: Sunday, 25. March 2007

Outbound Orientation 2006

From: Friday, 17. March 2006   through: Sunday, 19. March 2006

From: Tuesday, 02. January 2001   through: Tuesday, 31. December 2024

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