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Did you participate in any of the international programs of the Rotary Foundation? Would you like to re-connect to Rotary? Are you a Rotarian or Rotaract Club member seeking a relationship with Alumni of the educational programs of The Rotary Foundation? If so, you should become a member of our alumni web-community!

As a registered member of our alumni web-community the following services will be available to you:

  • invitations to and informations on events of RFAD, of Rotary International and the Clubs and Districts of Rotary International in Germany,
  • creation and maintenance of your personal member profile and your contact details - in order that connection is lost never again,
  • involvement in many special interest groups - because we want to move on things that matter ,
  • networking and connecting forums - because to act jointly brings greater effects,
  • a multitude of search functions to find other alumni by living place, profession, host district or the other members of your GSE-team,
  • exchange of experiences in a multitude of areas, from alumni to outgoing scholars or GSE-teams, but also career networking and personal relationship.

Registration in this Alumni web-community is free, there is no obligation implied. Registration is open not only to former GSE-team members, ambassadorial scholars, World Peace Scholars, participants in the Peace and Conflict Studies program and the Rotary Volunteers, but also just recently selected participants in this programs, e.g. outgoing Scholars and GSE-teams as well as Rotarians and Rotaract Club members.

For registration purposes, please fill in the data in the appending fields. We will provide to you a confirmation including the access data for our alumni web-community via e-mail.

Further information on membership in our alumni web-community you will find in the FAQ. If you need assistance, you may of course get in touch with us.

Application for membership in the German TRF alumni web-community:
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The user name can be chosen freely and will be used for messaging purposes. It ma be altered after registration.

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