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News from the Website-Team

01. August 2011
Online again! We all worked hard on this, and hopefully the new provider will not disappoint ourselves.

27. June 2011
Our Server went off-line again. This time we wanted to take no further chances and agreed with our first line provider to terminate the agreement with the second line hosting provider. We moved the system to another hosting provider who guarantees a daily backup and other security features - but moving the system took some time - sorry.

28. April 2011
Our Server went offline for three weeks - sorry.

The appeal for a donation towards 'We help' Japan is presented prominently on front page.

The Quicklinks have been updated - at least.

16. 01 2011
The information for applications has been updated.

5. December 2010
Sinc 1. April 2010 we count our visitors. on December 5, 2010 we welcomed the 3.000 visit to our website. Thus, we decided to publish the counter herinafter. With your today's visit to our website, the total number of visits is !

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