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News on RFAD

24. June 2013
Flyer for the RFAD Anniversary 2013In 1998, more than 100 alumni of the Rotary Foundation established the German Rotary foundation Alumni Association RFAD. Thus, in 2013 RFAD is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The celebration will take place in Berlin on the Weekend of September 20/21, 2013. Save the date!
Here you may download the invitation flyer for the 15th anniversary celebration of RFAD - the registration form for the celebration is available for download here.

13. April 2013
The general assembly of RFAD elected a new board.
President Atif Bhatti, and vice president Eva Katharina Buchholz together with treasurer Janina Mangoldand secretary Jenna A. Behrends form the new board. The pictures shows former board members Freya Morigerowsky, Xaver Hausner, Katharina Buchholz, Christoph Sänger, Atif Bhatti und Jenna Behrends.
10. November 2012

The board of RFAD presented his new Years Report 2011-2012 - here it is avalibale for download - for RFAD-members there is a newsletter available.

Anne Matthews homnors RFAD4. Mai 2012

Tioday RFAD has been honored as Alumni Association of the Year  2011/12!

More on this and reports from the first dayx of the Alumni Celebration 2012 in Bangkok here.

20. Oktober 2011
The board of RFAD published its Yearly Report 2010-2011 - have a look at it here. More information - especially the minutes of the latest members' meetings - for members of RFAD-is available here.

15. October 2011
Bei Goethe in FrankfurtOn October15, 2011 scholars of The Rotary Foundation from all over the world meet in Frankfurt/Main to get ready for their host country Germany. Sponsored by the Rotary Foundation Alumni Deutschland – RFAD, the six students from Japan, South Korea, Serbia, and the Ukraine get to know authentic regional specialties and the importance of a friendly “no”. Read more here.

September 30th, 2011
After the big success of the first Rotary Foundation Alumni Celebration in Hamburg this year, we would like to invite you to join us at the 2nd Rotary Foundation Alumni Celebration in Berlin on January 28th 2012. Please save the date. Further information can be found here.

August 11th, 2011
We would like to invite all incoming scholars, alumni and Rotarians for this year's inbound seminar in Frankfurt. The programme and further details can be found here.

July 23rd, 2011
Sent abroad with a common sentiment - the ambassadorial scholars class of 2011/2012 met in Münster and profited from the experience of the alumni. More details on the 2011 outbound orientation can be found here.

February 12, 2011

Alumni Celebration of the RFAD in HamburgThere is no vision of the future without looking back into the past - thus, on February 12, 2011 returning Ambassadorial Scholars met in Hamburg to share their experiences and to look back. More on this inspiring event here

November 16th, 2010
Meeting of the Rotary Foundation Alumni District Sub-Chairs in Frankfurt

This year's workshop for Alumni District Sub-Chairs was held on October 16th under the supervision of Rotary Foundation alumni-coordinator PDG Wolfgang Lück in Frankfurt Main. Besides the chair of the German Council of District governors, PDG Hans Pixa and the commissioner for the Foundation and global community service PDG Martin Gutsche seven alumni coordinators and the board of RFAD, Henning Blaufuß, Kathrin Schilling and Christoph Sänger attended the Meeting.
Key-issues of the meeting were the cooperation between the RFAD and Rotary as well as the improval of framework requirements for incoming scholars. The attendees discussed ideas to increase the interest in Germany for foreign students as Germany is not extraordinary interesting for them so far. The attendees agreed that the initiatives of Rotary Clubs and the alumni district coordinators are the most important aspects to council future incomings successfully
The contact to the local Rotary Clubs is especially important to us and we hope that this can be improved in future by invitations to clubs meetings. We explicitly invited the district coordinators for alumni and the incoming governors to attend the next outgoing seminar in Münster.
After a very interesting report on the Global Alumni Service to Humanity Award by Prof Lück, PDG Martin Gutsche introduced the new development plan (Future Vision Plan) of the Rotary Foundation. It became apparent that the district will have to accept more responsibility when distributing scholarships in future and strategic partnerships between clubs will be increasingly important to realize international projects.

Kathrin Schilling

November 16th, 2010
Report of 3rd RFAD Incoming Orientation in Frankfurt, Main, 16th to 17th October 2010:
Experience the Host Country - Orientation Seminar for Scholars in Germany

Entering a new culture: The corrugateds (special kind of glasses) are next to the "Bembel" filled with the Frankfurt special apple wine - a new dinrk to many. The dinrk will not be the only news this weekend.
Curious views of young students who will spend the upcoming academic year as scholars of the Rotary Foundation in Germany. What are my rigths and duties as an Ambassadorial Scholar? How will I be accepted by my host club? What do the clus expect from the scholars? What exoect the scholars from the clubs? Which factors facilitate the start in a new country? What is typical for Frankfurt? Why is the typical Frankfurt apple wine glass called 'corrugated'? And why do Europeans blow there noses publicly? And finally how will the aplle wine taste?
Many questions and a chance to ask them. Every year the regional group of the Frankfurt area within the Rotary Foundation Alumni Deutschland organise the orientation seminar for the newly arrived scholars in early october. The seminar provides helpful hints and clues for the upcoming academic and cultural exchange. Further more it provides the opportunity to get to know other Rotary scholars and to exchange first experiences, not only about the Frankfurt special drink.
And it was not any different this year. This year the RFAD was pleased that the meeting of the Rotarian district officers for the Foundation held their meeting at the same time. This is a special opportunity to exchange experiences and wishes between the Rotarians and the RFAD. Our seven scholars from Japan and Italy have the opportunity to ask all questions concerning Rotary. The panel is top-class; among others PDG Prof Wolfgang Lück - Rotary Foundation Alumni Coordinator, PDG Hans Pixa - chair over the German council of Rotary district governors and PDG Martin Gusche - Rotary Foundation REgional Coordinator answered all questions of the scholars.
Following the discussion the participants wrote down different associations with terms like 'politics', 'vacation' or 'sunday'. Comparing these associations cultural differences as well as parallels became appearant quickly. It was a first opportunity to reflect their own cultural background and to create awareness for cultural specialties in Germany among the scholars.
During the traditional sightseeing tour through downtown Frankfurt it fortunately stopped raining. The scholars heard about the history of Frankfurt and Germany and experienced live and the thick of a metroplitan shopping saturday. The tour finishes in a typical apple wine restaurant in the Frankfurt style - the Eulenburg (castle of owls) in the borough of Bornheim.

The Bembels (see above) are served. The innkeeper explains when a glass is called 'corrugated'. "Only the rhobi prevent the classes from falling through the hands when eating fatty food." Besides this the German Alumni give the foreign alumni useful hints for their exchange. Meanwhile the 'corrugateds' are filled with apple wine. Everyone who likes can also try typical Hessian specialties besides the apple wine. But it is getting more international again.
"We Germans think and act more outward oriented" Dr Stefan Zeidnitz, vicepresident of the German-Japanese society e.V. reports in his talk on Japanese culture and society. "Japanese however are more inward oriented." Consequently Japanese rather avoid to impose demands to their surroundings but rather try to change themselves. This scheme already becames appearant in the small things. "Blowing noses publicly for instance," Zeidnitz addes "Japanese would never do as the Europeans do." Using plastic examples Zeidnitz, who is the author of "The Xenophob's Guide to the Germans" explains clearly the specialities of German culture and society. The participants find themselves in many aspects and originalities of the Asian or Western oriented culture. The evening closes with comfy gettogether in Frankfurts borough Sachsenhausen.
Sunday morning the scholars encounter another German tradition: sunday breakfast with rolls and everything else that belongs to a German breakfast. Starting the day jointly in the cafeteria in the Literaturhaus (house of literature) offers the scholars a last chance to exchange contact details before heading of to their respective locations of studies. Now they can start into their cultural year in Germany using all the information and hints.

Pictures of the weekend can be found here.

11.-12. October 2009 - Pleased Participants in Frankfurt

An increase in participation by 400% compared to the preceding year has been reported by Alexander Boettner. The Ambassadorial Scholars enjoyed the seminar which focussed on inter-cultural subjects. Dinner was composed of plain fare and traditional apple vine in a snugly location. Rotarian Zeidenitz, Vice-President of the German-Japanese Society talked about staying as a foreigner in Germany.

3. October 2009 - Internationals on the Wies'n

1. Internationale Oktoberfest-Treffen 2009TRF Alumni Yuki Takagi, Japan, Tom Ristimaki, Canada, Fedra Caron, Argentinien, Katie Conover, U.S.A., and Delia Yapp, England, were hosted by TRF Alumni Fiona Bessoth, Yukari Kurita, Jens Hillers, Henning Blaufuss, Imke Juergens, Gabriela Bracklo and Jurgen Wente during the first Wies'n Event of the Action Group International Relations.

13. March to 15. March 2009

der neue VorstandDie RFAD hat auf das Seminar für hinausgehende Stipendiaten 2009 wie immer souverän veranstaltet. Bei der am gleichen Wochenende durchgeführten Mitgliederversammlung wurde auch ein neuer Vorstand gewählt. Mehr dazu hier.

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