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Why Fundraising?

We as alumni of the Rotary Foundation did experience, how Rotary by a multitude of projects, big like polio eradication and smaller like dwell drillings helps man to keep health, to create a living basis, to overcome the consequences of natural catastrophes, and secure peace. We want to support Rotarians by providing monetary means and do service by ourselves as well. Thus, in the past years

  • we supported the transported of German language scientific literature - more than 100 boxes - to Lviv (Lemberg) in Ukrainia,
  • we helped the Rotary Club of Port Shepstone to errect plant Gewächshäuser for vegetable for school kids and AIDS-infected an to start an educational initiative by providing funds and school books,
  • donated a fully funded Ambassadorial Scholarship.

Klick zum Video!We want to go on this way:

Any member of RFAD may apply at RFAD for the assignment of monies for a humanitarian project initiated or at least counselled by her/him. And any Alumna, any Alumnus may support us by donating to RFAD – and by donating for a specific purpose - co-determine how we make use of the monies. And everybody may engage her- or himself by either joining and working for the Action Group Fundraising or the Action Group Service.

The question how to become member of RFAD is answered here.
By the way: RFAD is recognized as a tax exempted social association, which means for every donation you pay to RFAD you get a tax break! If you want to donate now:

RFAD-Konto bei der HVB, Konto 5800529494, BLZ 700 202 70